Zip Roof Standing Seam


Height 63 mm to 65 mm
Width 306 mm to 450 mm
Thickness 0.40MM to 0.85mm
0.65 MM to 1.20 MM
Shape Straight, Convex Curved, Concave Curved,


  • Solar Mounting: Due to special type of Seam Clamp & Solor Clip design it is suitable for fixing solar panels without any other extra efforts and cost.
  • Design Flexibility: Innovative architecture appearance give flexibility and fulfills the most challenging design criteria.
  • On site Profiling: On site manufacturing facility offers long length sheets that eliminates end laps and increases speed of construction and reduces project cost.
  • Superior aesthetic: An advanced zip-up standing seam roofing system with outstanding aesthetic properties and performance characteristic.
  • No Exposed Hardware’s: Creates continuous weather tight and maintenance free roof in all conditions and no exposed screwing is required as panels are zipped by auto seaming machine.
  • No water penetration: Leak Proof due to secret fixing to avoid water penetration.
  • Fully complies with new Building Regulations/ Technical standards.
  • Panels design gives slightly better wind uplift performance.
  • Due to special design of sheet, clips and halter, it withstand to thermal expansion & contraction of sheet.