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Standing Seam Metal Roofing Sheet

Standing Seam gives Outstanding Aesthetic Look, Leak Proof, and Decorative Design & Weather Tight Roof in all condition. Metal Roofing Sheet can be manufactured in long length as per project requirements in flat, curved, concave, convex and tapered shapes at site.

Standing Seam Metal Roof - Aditya Profiles
Zip Roof Standing sheet
Snap Lock Standing - Aditya Profiles
Snap Lock Standing Seam
Standing Seam Metal Roof Manufacturer - Aditya Profiles
Seamless Standing Seam
Thickness 0.40MM to 0.85mm
0.65 MM to 1.20 MM
Tensile Strength 240 MPA to 350 MPa
Coating 70 gsm to 275 gsm
Available Colours All RAL Shades


  • Zip Roof System: The side laps are zipped using seaming machine that fixed directly to the supporting structure.
  • Onsite Profiling : Allows using long length sheets eliminates end laps and speed up construction.
  • No Overlaps: Single long length sheets can be manufactured at site without overlaps.
  • Cost Saving : Due to onsite profiling sheets can be manufactured in long length which reduces transportation cost and damages.
  • Screw less System: Panels are zipped on halter without using fastener and without penetration to sheets / panel which given leak proof roofing system.
  • Superior Aesthetics : Innovative architecture appearance gives flexibility in design.
  • Resist Wind Uplift: Secret fixing of halter Ribs design provides excellence resistance wind uplift.
  • Suitable for Solar: While executing Solar Applications Standing Seam Roofing system is most effective because of special use of Seam Clamps which eliminates use of screws and makes mounting of solar panels will be easy, and no addition structure required.
  • Design flexibility : These sheets can be manufacture in different shapes.
  • Roof Slope : Minimum roof slope can be as small as 2o
  • Expansion & Contraction: Special design of GI halter, clip pad reduces thermal bridging effect and withstand the thermal expansion and contraction of sheets i.e. it is free floating fixing method and panels are free to expand/contract.
  • Decorative panels: Due to simple and robust attachment of accessories, and different sheet shapes, panels gives decorative look.
  • Eco Friendly: Material is eco friend because it is recyclable.
  • Longevity: Sheets having long life due to prime quality raw material.

Clip/Halter specification:

Secret (Hidden) extruded solid aluminum clips with black polyamide thermal barrier pad of 4mm height. Clips are capable of transmitting all real time forces to the purlins without aid of any other material which will result in an overall 'Self Supporting Seam Roof System'

Because of its clip (Halter) design and secretly fixed standing seam system the thermal expansion of zip roof is accommodated by the movement of sheet over halter (clip) and whilst expansion across the sheet is accommodated by the flexibility of sheet profile and clip and sheet jointly system. Halters can be made from Galvanized and aluminum material as per requirement.

Self Supporting Seam Roof System - Aditya Profiles

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