Seamless Standing Seam


Crest Height Crest Height 49 to 51 mm
Width 485 mm
Thickness 0.40MM to 0.85mm
0.65 MM to 1.20 MM


  • Strong Interlocking: Panels are joined at the side lap with an interlocking 360 degree. Panel side laps are seamed by a special mechanical seaming machine
  • Easy and Fast installation: Due to 360 degree interlocking long length sheets can be easily fixed without shifting of sheet due to its weight.
  • Leak Proof and weather tightness: The side laps of adjacent panels are seam together which interlock sheets strongly and gives leak proof and weather tight roof.
  • On Site Manufacturing: Can be manufactured in different shapes, sizes & with no overlap.
  • Screw less Roofing systems: Panels are fixed through interlocking of side laps.
  • Design Flexibility: Light weight, Strong and durable with very low maintenance cost, ensures adequate drainage of water & solves water corrosion problems so ideal for any type of application.
  • Rigidity: Fixing mechanism of halter clips and sheets gives greater rigidity.
  • Easy Water Flow: Water flow will be easy & fast due to flat surface of panel.
  • Available in Crest height 49-51 MM also can be manufactured as per requirement.
  • Withstands with Thermal expansion and contraction: The clips used in the system have movable features allows the panel to expand or contract with temperature & also resisting the wind uplift forces.