Screw Down Roofing System (Trapezoidal Roofing, Gi Roofing Sheets)

Most traditional, well known and widely used Roofing systems. Gi Roofing sheets are in Trapezoidal and Circular corrugations and can be manufactured in various colors as per project requirements and specifications.

RMR 1040, Roofing Sheet Manufacturer in India - Aditya Profiles
RMR 1040 Profile

Corrugation: 4
Width: 1125 mm

RMR 1040: Strong & cost effective profile gives more coverage for sheeting

RMR 1000, corrugated roofing sheets - Aditya Profiles
RMR 1000 Profile

Corrugation: 5
Width: 1075 mm

RMR 1000: Anti-capillary groove with return leg for efficient drainage of water

GI Roofing Sheet in Pune, India - Aditya Profiles
RMR 975 Profile

Corrugation: 6
Width: 1125 mm

RMR 975: High tensile and capable for 2 meter span for roofing and cladding

Corrugated roofing sheets - Aditya Profiles
RMR Circular Corrugated Profile

Corrugation: Any nos
Width: 1125 mm

Circular Corrugated: Excellent anti corrosion property and high tensile

Material GI, GICC, GL,GLCC
Tensile Strength 240 MPA to 550 MPA
Thickness 0.30 mm to 1.5 mm
Coating 70 GSM to 350 GSM
Colour Coating RMP, SMP, HDP, SDP, PVDF, Epoxy
Available Colours All RAL Shades


  • Water Drainage : Due to its special design of anti-capillary groove and return leg, efficiently drains water from shed.
  • Special Design : Provides small stiffening ribs on lower tension face to impart rigidity for movement resistance under reversing stresses. Also having male & female end corrugation for perfect matching.
  • Cost Effective : One of the most strong and cost effective profiles which gives more coverage for sheeting.
  • Uniform Quality: These sheets are manufacture using prime material which maintains uniform quality and can be available in various colors and coated using advance technology.
  • Material: Manufactured using superior quality of steel like Galvanized, Galvalume, Galvanized Color coated , Galvalume Color Coated and aluminum having excellent anti-corrosion properties.
  • Protection & Safety : Has strong insulating properties and thus these sheets gives excellent protection against heat, fire, wind.
  • Heavy Load Capacity : Better tensile strength makes these sheets to bear heavy loads.
  • On Site manufacturing : On site manufacturing of sheet is possible without overlaps.