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Purlin Manufacturers in India

Purlins are widely used in pre-engineering buildings in place of conventional channel angles. Purlins typically refers to roof framing members that span parallel to the building eave and support the roof decking or sheeting. We offer a wide range of standard C and Z purlins, hat sections, box section.

Purlins are generally available from 100 to 300 mm depth/height and 45 to 75 mm wide in several thickness with downturn lips (flanges).


Material Hot Rolled (H.R.), Cold Rolled (C.R.), Galvanized
Thickness 1mm to 4mm
Material Strength 200,250,300 & 350 MPA
Length(Tolerance) ± 4mm
Height 100 mm to 250 mm
Width 45 mm to 75 mm
Flange 15 mm to 20 mm


  • Fabrication and installation is easy, time saving and cost effective
  • Z shapes are utilized in manner that allows flexural continuity between span
  • Gives additional stability in lateral direction to the shed
  • Excellent finish and elegance as compared to conventional channel
  • Steeve purlin system ensures durability and rigidity of structure
  • Due to availability in various depths, width and thickness which gives architects the freedom to select economical sections for the project
  • Purlins usually delivered with holes punched at any position on the web & flange as required, this facilitates supplied material to be ready to use on site arrival thus saves time
  • Capsule Punching dimension: 18mm X 35mm
  • Round Punching dimension: 14mm X 16mm

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