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To prevent water penetration into structure from joints or as use as a water resistant barrier system. Flashings are intended to decrease water penetration at locations such as Chimneys, Vent pipes, walls, Windows and door openings to make buildings more durable.

Fiber Glass Sheet
Fiber Glass Sheet
Polycarbonate Sheets
Polycarbonate Sheets
Air Exhaust Ventilator
Air Exhaust Ventilator

Fiber Glass Translucent (Skylight) Sheets:

  • Used as Sky light sheets in-between metallic Roofing sheets
  • Give good impact resistance & bending properties
  • Reduces Electricity cost & improves working environment
  • Superior thermal resistance can easily reduce stress caused by changes in hot & cold environment
  • Light Transmission factor 75 to 80%
  • Sheets are extremely weather proof & Sun proof which are easy to install, cut & drill
  • Made up of UV stabilized roof light grade polyester resin and powder bonded matt with bezotrizole chemical or reputed brand of good quality
  • FRP sheets are made as per customer requirement in commercial or prime grade
  • Available with and without inbuilt wire mesh, in built wire mesh FRP provides extra strength and safety.
  • Thickness : 1.5mm , 2mm and 3mm
  • Available in accordance with roof sheet profile

Polycarbonate (Skylight) Sheets:

  • Used as Sky light sheets in-between metallic Roofing sheets
  • Impact resistant to fire , acid, UV stabilized or resistant
  • Durable, High strength and hence almost unbreakable; light weight and flexible.
  • Give good impact resistance & bending properties
  • Ultraviolet protective
  • Highly resistance to flame and do not causes toxic gases when on fire
  • Light transmission up to 80%
  • Reduces Electricity cost & improves working environment
  • Available in plain and embossed form in accordance to roof sheet profile
  • Durability : Approximately for 10 years

Different forms of Polycarbonate Sheet

* Solid polycarbonate sheet

These are the plastic polycarbonate sheet that offers a high impact and unbreakable, perfect to be used for constructing roofing structure. These plastic polycarbonate sheets are fully shielded against harmful UV radiations, they allow about 40 to 90% of the sunlight to be transmit

Available in Thickness 1 to 6 mm

Solid Polycarbonate Sheet
Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet

* Embossed polycarbonate sheet

These sheets having ability to be folded or bent into almost any shape, they are perfect to be used in customized roofing structures.

Available in Thickness 1.5 to 3 mm

* Multiwall & Multicell Polycarbonate sheet

These are high strength polycarbonate sheets with cell & wall available inside layer of sheets. These sheets provide high level resistance to fire & harmful UV radiation.

Available in Thickness 6, 10, 12, 16, 20 mm

Multiwall & Multicell Polycarbonate Sheet

Air Exhaust Ventilators:

  • Helps in air circulation and reduces suffocations
  • It reduces structural stresses and dampness problem by prevent internal temperature from becoming high, it releases warm air and allows enter for cooler air.
  • No operating cost at it runs on unconventional energy
  • Base frame used for ventilator are available in FRP & polycarbonate material which act as daylight sheet hence it reduces need of installing daylight sheet separately
  • It is easy to install, leak proof & no maintenance cost required
  • Prime Grade Aluminum and Stainless steel Material
  • Available in 16, 21 and 24 inches.

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