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Floor Decking Sheet Manufacturer in India

Floor Decking Sheets having high strength and can be used as a composite floor deck due to its ribs and embossment. It binds with concrete slab and together form as a part of floor structure, reduces concrete quantity and costs.
In its assembled state and used as a working platform, a framework to support wet concrete, construction material etc.Mainly used in cement, power plants and bulk material handling plants for Roofing constructions.

 Floor Decking Sheets in Pune, India - Aditya Profiles
RMR 44/130 Deck

High tensile strength & most economical deck profile reduces cost of construction, steel quantity

Floor Deck Sheeting in Pune, India - Aditya Profiles
RMR 52/242 Deck

Special profile design with embossment, binds with concrete effectively and minimizes project cost.

RMR 75/200 Deck, Deck Sheet manufacturers in Pune, India - Aditya Profiles
RMR 75/200 Deck

Strong & suitable for more span which reduces steel work.

RMR 61/670 Deck, Floor Deck Sheet - Aditya Profiles
RMR 61/670 Deck

Suitable for Larger span which reduces concrete volume

RMR 80/600 Deck, deck sheet supplier in Pune, India - Aditya profiles
RMR 80/600 Deck

Suitable for all multi rise construction due to its exceptional spanning capability

Material GI, GICC, GL, GLCC
Tensile Strength 240 MPA to 350 MPa
Thickness 0.60 to 2 mm
Coating 70 GSM to 550 GSM
Colour Coating RMP, SMP, SDP, PVDF, HDF, Epoxy
Available Colours All RAL Shades


  • Fast Construction : It speed up time of construction.
  • Less Installation Time : This fast and simple installation gives immediate access to a working platform and forms a positive reinforcement
  • No Dependency : In case of multilayer/Multi floor construction, it acts as composite member and as permanent shuttering does not required any support.
  • Reduces Cost of Construction : Tensile steel for composite slab construction that cuts down on slab thickness and dead weight of building and thus reduces the cost.
  • Reduction in Labour Cost : Reduction in workforce as well as construction time while carpentry work, support while RCC shuttering work avoided
  • Bottom Line reinforcement : One of the most economical structural decking when concrete hardens it acts as a bottom line reinforcement
  • Suitable for application : It provides widest cover per weight of steel and minimizes the requirement of reinforcement
  • Does not require external Support : Temporary propping bally / steel vertical bottom arrangement for holding up concrete can be eliminated.
  • Span Coverage : Suitable till 4 meter Span, hence reduces steel quantity.
  • One side Painting : Due to casting RCC Roof on one side, painting requires only on visible/Bottom side of sheet hence having an aesthetic appeal.
  • Much Better Longevity : Steel decking will not twist and warp over time and is resilient to weather, moisture, time and pest deterioration.

Studs / Shear Connectors :
Special Types of connectors are used for fixing deck sheets to purlin known as ‘’Stud’’ or ‘’Shear Connector’’. A stud transfers shear stress between metal and concrete in composite structural members in which the stud is welded to the metal component.

These connectors provide stability to fabricated deck slab and prevent it from moving while concreting.

Dia Length
16 mm 75mm
16 mm 100mm
16 mm 125mm
19 mm 75mm
19 mm 100mm
19 mm 125mm
Note : Also available as per requirement
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