Director profile

Mr. Rajendra M. Jain
(Chief Managing Director, Aditya Profiles Pvt. Ltd.)
Education: B.COM

With great efforts he established firm in 1981 and under his leadership, the company commenced its transformational journey by reaching out to customers across the country. And due to his vast experience company achieved top most position in India in his field.
He believes the principle that a firm must conduct its business with integrity, skill, care and diligence, so he always look forward to success and satisfaction for every customer, employees and contractors.

Mr. Aditya R. Jain
(Managing Director of Aditya Profiles Pvt. Ltd.)
Education: Bachelor of Engineering and MBA

With depth technical knowledge he started working for Organization in 2013. Since then led Aditya Profiles into becoming a Nation’s one of the best manufacturing and service providing company with his dynamic personality and innovative ideas, steering organization towards great success, and acquiring many new and huge projects.
He always plays a significant roles to develop our company using new technology and technique by developing new profiles to suit customer requirement.

Mr. Mayur M. Gokhale
(Director of Aditya Profiles Pvt. Ltd.)
Education: B. Com

Working with Aditya Profiles since 17 years in Roofing Industry. He started working in finance department and currently he is holding position in Purchase and marketing department too. As a marketing head, he always helps to understand what the product or service can offer and how to plan for a successful product offering.
He always leads organization to huge success due to qualities like outgoing, gregarious and spontaneous nature

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