Clippon Roofing System

It is screw less roofing system which does not require drilling, Punching, exposed hardware or concealed fasteners so it minimizes chances of rusting & increases sheet life hence named as Clip Roof or Leak Proof. This is one of the strong roofing system thus can be used for projects like factory buildings, Power plant etc.


Material GI, GICC, GL, GLCC
Thickness 0.45 mm to 0.80 mm
Tensile Strength 240 MPA to 350 MPA
Coating 70 gsm to 350 gsm
Colour Coating SMP, RMP, PVDF, SDP, HDF
Available Colours All RAL Shades


Corrugation 3 Nos.
Crest Height 42 mm
Pitch Distance 215 mm
Profile Width 470 mm


  • Anti-capillary groove: It reduced chances of leakages, water seepages and can be also applied in groove stiffening ribs ; two high stiffening ribs in each span provide additional strength
  • Minimum Rusting: No, drilling, punching, exposed hardware or concealed fasteners- minimizes chances of rusting, increase sheet lift
  • Long Length: On site profiling facility for long manufacturing sheets in long length.
  • Leak proof and water proof: Reduces maintenance cost and protects from all-weather condition
  • Clipped and Interlocked Crest: Crest are clipped and interlocked, clips are fixed between purlin and roof sheets with span of 215 m thus providing strength.
  • Suitable in High Intensity Rainfall Region: Concealed fixed shape roof carrying system with high ribbed roof panels and wide fluted pans enabling water shedding, thus suited for high intensity rainfall regions


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