Why are Galvanized Iron GI Roofing Sheets Better than Conventional Roofing?

Over the years, roofing solutions have evolved significantly. Conventional roofing, which was once considered the only option, failed to deliver in various situations. It thus required roofing experts to come up with better, more durable, and even more efficient roofing alternatives.

Galvanized Iron (GI) roofing sheets are among the various innovations of the roofing industry. They prove themselves better than their conventional counterparts across multiple departments. But in what way? Let’s see what makes GI roofing sheets better than traditional roofing.   

4 Reasons GI Roofing Sheets are Better than Traditional Roofing

From increased weather resistance to considerably reduced weight, these four factors make GI roofing a better alternative than conventional roofing.

  1. Higher Degree of Weather Resistance

Galvanized iron is more weather resistant than traditional roofing. The latter can suffer damage during extreme weather conditions like storms, heat, snowfall, etc. But galvanized iron sheets exhibit a higher degree of resistance. 

Additionally, GI roofing sheets are more resistant to fire, thus making them even safer than old roofing systems.

2. Increased Durability

GI roofing sheets are observed to be more durable than conventional roofing. The material they use and the various processes they undergo increase their strength. Additionally, they are more resistant to weather-related damage, which refers to increased durability. In many cases, GI roofing sheets have been found to serve for as much as three to four decades.

3. Reduced Weight

GI roofing sheets are lightweight. In the case of the heavy corrugated metal sheets, the house owner may have to perform a structural analysis of the roof to determine the amount of weight it can bear. However, with GI roofing sheets, that’s not the case, making them easy to handle and install.

4.Unique Metallurgical Structure

GI roofing sheets boast a unique metallurgical structure that protects them against abrasion or mechanical damages during transportation, installation, or servicing. So, you don’t have to worry about the roof and the damage that may occur during transport.

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