What is the Durability of the Metal Roofing Sheet?

An average of 70 to 40 years is the age of a metal roofing sheet based on the material. The asphalt roofing sheet is estimated to hold a maximum of 20 years. The Durability, longevity, and sustainability are the top three features with great benefits of metal roofing sheets.   

Nothing can indeed beat the longevity of the metal roofing sheet.  

Ø How long does a metal roofing sheet really last, though?

The warranty of a metal sheet lasts for 40 years or a bit longer than other traditional roofing sheets material. There are experienced and quality manufacturers and suppliers who found metal roofs life span around 60 years and more and also stated that it is an affordable and worthy solution.

The above statement is justified through average cost estimation from purchasing to installing in projects such as Airports, IT projects, Metro Rails, Power plants, and factory building.  

Mostly metal roofs are used in the construction areas, power plants, factories, industries, and manufacturing units. 

Ø How average costing justifies a metal sheet is a worthy choice? 

On calculating if an average cost is determined, the expense incurred in one lifecycle of the metal roof is 30% p.sq. Ft. Whereas, the cost of other materials is on and around 45% p.sq. Ft. Further, if we calculate the cost of installation, it is 4% on average, whereas other materials have more than 15%.    

Ø How to ensure the Durability of the metal roofing sheet?

As stated, above metal roofs last for 40 years (approx). Everything needs maintenance, and similarly, if the metal sheet is maintained, its durability increases. By keeping a few things under consideration, a metal roof can last for a more extended period.

  • For this regular cleaning off the dirt and collected wastage is required. Cleanliness doesn’t restrict water to accumulate, and so the chances of replacement and corrosion decrease. It needs much lower maintenance in comparison to other roofing sheets.
  • Since the metal sheets are in regular contact with nature and face the different climatic conditions, it may have scratches, dents, or rust. Necessary repaint helps to maintain and keep it in perfectly good shape and may also save extra bucks in the long run. If you have a budget, you can also go for the durable paints, which guarantees fade after 10-15 years (minimum).  
  • If there is any minor damage or holes experienced, taking immediate care saves the extra repair cost and increases longevity.  

Does installation play a role in Durability?

Longevity and Durability is the prime feature, and its installation and setup have a direct impact. Proper alignment and mitigation eliminate the danger, and it is weather-resistant, so even hail storms are bearable (if proper installation and clipping are made). The roof clips allow movement for the changes in temperature

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