Understanding the Difference Between C and Z Purlin

A purlin is a horizontal beam or bar used for structural support. It is mainly below the roof and supported by the building’s walls. Purlin manufacturers, India manufacture purlins in two types – C and Z purlins. Both of them are unique in characteristics, and therefore, understanding the difference between C and Z purlin is vital before choosing anyone.

Difference between C and Z Purlin

Let us look at how C and Z purlins are different from each other.

AspectC PurlinZ Purlin
ShapeShaped like the alphabet C and used to support walls and floors. One side of a C purlin is plain. Hence, it is preferred for cladding.Shaped like the alphabet Z, Z purlins are made of cold-formed or roll sheets. Z purlins save up to 50% on structural sheets.
Angles90-degree angleLess than 90 degrees
UseShape a particular building’s shell structure walls and floor joistsShape a particular building’s shell structure’s roof and wall joists
StrengthC purlins are relatively less strongZ purlins are highly strong and can provide support to heavy structures
SupportSupport the beams required for flooringOften, placed between roofing sheets to provide support
OverlappingC purlins cannot be overlappedZ purlins can be continuously overlapped
InstallationC purlins are easy to installZ purlins require a higher amount of effort and proficiency to install

Some Key Highlights

  • Since the angle of Z purlins is less than 90 degrees, they are more flexible than C purlins.
  • The higher amount of flexibility makes Z purlins suitable for various applications.
  • Z purlins can be overlapped. Hence, in metal buildings made for longer spans, it is better to use Z steel purlins.
  • If the roof slope is slight, the difference between the modulus of the flexural section of the Z purlin is a bit larger than the C purlin. However, if the slope increases, the flexural section modulus of a Z purlin will also symmetrically increase vertically. As a result, Z purlins are used for roofs with large slopes.
  • Since Z purlins are a bit challenging to install, it is good to use them on the roofing of steel-framed structures with single spans.

Z and C purlins are significant and unique in their respect. However, it is necessary to make a prudent choice that suits the requirement of the application and the structure involved. Consulting professional purlin manufacturers, in India and procuring the best quality purlin proves prudent in this regard. It is because purlin manufacturers precisely know what will work and what won’t, after a comprehensive review of your requirement. 

But which company is one of the best manufacturers of purlins in India?

Aditya Profiles – The Leading Purlin Manufacturers, India

The answer to the above question is Aditya Profiles Pvt Ltd. The Pune-based company is one of the top purlin manufacturers in India. Aditya Profile manufactures C purlins in 80-300 mm depth/height, 30 to 100 mm Flange, 1 – 3 mm thickness ranges, 10 to 20 mm Lips, and a material strength of 235 to 450 MPA and Z purlins in 140-300 mm depth/height, 30 to 100 mm Flange, 1.5 mm – 3 mm thickness ranges, 10 mm to 20 mm Lips, and a material strength of 235 to 450 MPA

To know more about Aditya Profile’s purlins, visit https://www.adityaprofiles.com/purlins-manufacturers-india.php. To talk to the company’s experts, call 020-29701900, or write an email to enquiry@adityaprofiles.com.

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