Standing Seam Metal Roofs – Benefits, costs and maintenance tips

In recent years:

  • Airports and related structures are opting for standing seam metal roof as their roofing solution.
  • Business Complexes
  • Factory buildings
  • Manufacturing units

Well, first of all, the cost of choosing a standing seam metal roof over other roofing solutions is much lower. In India, if you can get your hands on quality-assured metal roofing profiles with a price tag that lies in the range of INR 550 – INR 2200 per square meter.

On top of this, a metal roof profile is known for its high durability and reliability factors. Furthermore, you would not need to spend a ton of cash to keep the metal roof in its prime. Regular maintenance is next to nothing when you choose this roofing solution for your commercial property.

Advantages of Standing Seam Metal Roof

  • Standing seam metal roof can last twice the operational life of roofing shingles and that too with minimal upkeep!
  • Fabricators manufacture these from a variety of metals. You can get your hands on a metal roofing profile that is made out of aluminum, copper or steel. Depending on your preferences, you would have a lot of options.
  • All of the three metals manufacturers use to fabricate standing seam metal roofing are known for their tensile strength. This is the reason why business and industrial complex owners choose this as their roofing solution. It can withstand the weather elements. It can also hold on to its structural integrity even when winds at a speed of 225 km/hour are blowing outside!
  • These are highly resistant to fire.
  • These won’t collapse under its own weight even during torrential rain, hail or severe snowfall.
  • It reflects most of the solar radiation thus allowing your commercial property to remain cool. It is a great solution if you want to bring down your business’s electrical charges drastically!

A few words of advice!

Occasionally you would need to ensure that the accumulated dirt and debris is removed from the roof. This will ensure that moisture is not accumulating in the roof. No matter how good a metal roof is, if the same becomes a moisture-magnet, it won’t last long – remember this!

In case the metal roof in your property needs repairs at certain parts, be sure to conduct the repairs right away. Repairs and replacements are easy when you choose standing seam metal roof profiles manufactured by leading companies like Aditya Profiles. When repair/replacements are immediately addressed, overall costs can come down drastically.


It is best to choose a brand that has been in the business of fabricating, conducting onsite installations and maintenance of standing seam metal roofs for a while. If you are looking for a brand with the mentioned characteristics, choose Aditya Profiles. This Pune-based company is one of the leading manufacturers of standing seam metal roof in India! They have been in this business for a while now. If you take a look at their overall achievements and online reputation, you will understand their worth! So why wait for any more!? Get in touch with them today!

With over 33 years of experience in providing quality products and service, Aditya Profiles focuses on the manufacturing and supplying of standing seam metal roofing systems & Metal Roofing Sheets. Interested in Metal Roofing Sheet? Check out our blog “Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing Sheets.”

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