Roof Maintenance Tips during the Rainy Season

The entry of the monsoon undoubtedly ushers a sense of happiness and cheerfulness among everyone fed up with the scorching heat. But those showers can bring a few concerns with them, out of which roofing problems are one. 

The roof is the first and always the one to take those showers. Hence, it is natural to face a few seasonal concerns like leaks, fungal growth, corrosion, etc. These concerns require immediate attention to maintain the roof’s strength and functionality. Accordingly, here are some monsoon roof maintenance tips from one of India’s leading roofing sheet manufacturers.

5 Roof Maintenance Tips for Monsoon

As one of the top roofing experts and roofing sheet manufacturers in India, we thought of helping roof owners with tips to help them take better care of their roofs. Accordingly, here are five roof maintenance tips for monsoon.

  1. Leak Inspections and Repairs

A leaking roof amidst heavy rains could prove a nightmare. After all, how many and where will you place vessels to collect the rainwater? And, why? Leaks could be caused due to stagnant water, drainage, fungal growth, etc. Hence, getting proactive is a more prudent idea instead of taking reactive measures. Accordingly, you must inspect your roof for leaks and fix them.

2. Cover Flashings

A roof’s flashing is positioned in a way that makes it vulnerable to damage with time. Damaged flashing around vents, chimneys, skylights, etc., is a common reason for roof leaks during monsoon. The key to preventing it is to check the flashing and cover them to avoid leaks.

3. Apply a Waterproof Pain

Waterproofing paint is another essential roofing measure to take during the monsoons. Roof paintings with high-standard sealants can help avoid leaks during monsoon. But you must do this when the weather is dry to help the paint dry and serve the roof effectively during the monsoons.

4. Clear Debris and Other Particles

The roof is the first thing on buildings with which the external weather comes in contact first. So, everything from rain to snow and sunlight to sand particles settles on the roof. Sand particles, in particular, can settle on the roof and form debris to harm the roof’s efficiency. So, before the first showers arrive, you must get the roof inspected by roofing experts and clear the debris to avoid problems.

5. Clean the Roof Gutters

Unclean and clogged roof gutters can cause water to accumulate on the roof. Over a while, it can lead to fungal growth. Elements like leaves and debris can get collected in the pathway and block water movement through the gutter. Thus, the water can get blocked and accumulated. Furthermore, humidity and continuously accumulating water can lead to mold growth that could weaken the roof.

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