Latest Trends and Technology in Metal Roofing

Latest Trends and Technology in Metal Roofing

India’s roofing market is massive! It was valued at over USD 900 million in 2020 and is expected to reach approximately USD 1500-1510 million by 2026. Indians are gradually breaking the bubble of conventional roofs. They are adopting newer alternatives with increased durability, enhanced quality, and reduced costs.

But that’s only part of the various trends across the Indian roofing market. Let’s look at a few more, along with the above, to know what’s in vogue.

5 Metal Roofing Trends in India

As comprehensive Indian roofing experts, we provide roofing services throughout the country. These trends are part of our observations. While the western world could influence some, some are aligned with the prevailing conditions in the country. Let’s look at five such metal roofing sheets trends across India.

  1. Increasing Popularity of Metal Roofing

As said earlier, metal roofing is steadily gaining popularity across the Indian roofing space. Indians, who lived under conventional roofs for a long time, are now turning to better, more robust, and value-driven roofing options.

Metal roofing made from galvanized steel or aluminum are a couple of trendy options across the Indian metal roofing market.

  • Use of Reflective Metal Roofing

With a few cold pockets, India experiences hot and humid weather. Thus, reflective metal roofing is quickly becoming popular in various parts of the country, especially temperate ones.

The reflective properties of these roofs control temperature. In addition, they offer protection from solar radiation damage, hail storms, etc. Besides, their availability in various sizes and shapes makes them a preferred metal roofing.

  • Green Roofs

Is it green-colored roofs? No. Many people grow plants on their roofs as a ground cover or growing manner. These roofs operate by absorbing and emitting oxygen, CO2, water vapor, sound, and heat.

In addition, they safeguard the roof from extreme heat and cold. Many prefer green roofs to reduce energy consumption. It is because green roofs store more heat during peak hours in the day for use when the weather cools down at night.

  • Use of PV Roof Shingles

PV roof shingles are another in-demand roofing option. They are performant and highly durable. Additionally, they are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes to match your structure’s aesthetics and build.

Photovoltaic roof shingles are polycrystalline silicon substrates that ensure durability after prolonged exposure to various types of weather. Many people prefer it for its durability and reduced maintenance costs.

  • Preference for Lighter Roof Colors

These days people prefer lighter shades over the conventional darker colors. Lighter colors reflect heat. Hence, they can support the temperature control function of metal roofs and curb energy costs in the long run.

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