Important Roofing Accessories You Need for Your Roof

Roofing accessories form an essential part of your roofing infrastructure. They help keep it secure and serve you longer amidst harsh external conditions. But what are the various accessories your roofing system needs? Aditya Profiles, one of the leading roofing sheet manufacturers, discusses some of the most significant ones.

Roofing Accessories for Metal Roofing Sheets

Here’s more to eight of the most crucial roofing accessories you will need for roofing sheets, including galvanized corrugated roofing sheets, GI roofing sheets, etc.

  1. Flashing

Flashing is an important accessory that helps protect the roof from water damage. It directs the water away from the streams and joints. Usually, it covers the gaps between metal sheets and can be customized to suit the weather of a particular place. Structurally, it is a flat, thin piece of metal that helps waterproof the perimeter and protrusions of a roofing system.

  1. Gutters (Water Channels)

A gutter helps carry away the rainwater and prevent the accumulation of rainwater on the roof. It is a trough fixed under the roof’s edge that proves particularly useful during the rainy season, wherein it collects the rainwater and streamlines it away from the roof. You can customize a gutter as per the application and your specific requirement. Partnering with reputed roofing sheet manufacturers can help.

  1. PVC/Metal pipe

PVC/Metal pipe install below the gutter for the easy flow of water from gutter to the ground. Gutter collects the water and pipe transport the water from roof to ground level or until the storage tank.

  1. Air Exhaust Ventilators 

Weather can play a critical role in the health and functioning of your roofing system. So, you cannot merely install it and leave it to struggle against the weather. Having a ventilation system also helps. It is an essential aspect of your roof that helps prevent the roof from overheating or turning moist by enabling the heat to escape.

Unlike doors and windows, these wind driven ventilators, draws air upwards, creating convection current and in the process they extract the state and hot air which in the interior of the building. These helps in air circulation and reduces suffocation, structural stresses and dampness problem. No operating cost is required as it runs on unconventional energy and removes foul smell and hot air.

  1. Skylights

In simple words, skylights are transparent sheets installed directly in between main metallic roofing sheets and cladding sheets to reduce electricity cost. While enhancing the roof’s aesthetic value, skylights also allow natural sunlight into the building and convert the attic into a usable space. Hence, they prove particularly useful in places or locations that do not receive ample sunlight.

Skylights are offered in various thickness colors, types like plaint emboss, Multiwall, Multilayer etc. Working with trustworthy and expert roofing sheet manufacturers can help you make the right choice.

  1. Butyl Tape

Water is something that can enter the structure of roof overlaps if the latter remains unattended. A butyl tape between the roof overlaps can help optimize protection from water damage. It is a special adhesive to maximize adhesive strength and augment water resistance. It is available in various colors and sizes to match your roofing needs. Thus, butyl tape can be useful in regions with heavy rain or snowfall.

  1. Silicone Sealant

Sealing the roof is necessary, especially in locations with heavy rainfall. Silicone sealants help in situations like these. They are applied in gaps and on screws to prevent leaking and maintain their functionality and efficiency in the long run.

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