Galvalume Roofing Sheets and Its Installation

Pre-coated with Zinc, Aluminium, and Silicon; the Galvalume metal roofing sheet is high light reflective, corrosion-resistant. It is used for roofing and categorized as an effective roofing sheet for every weather condition.

It is also known as Bare Galvalume Steel Roofing sheets, and if painted, it is known as the Pre-painted Steel roofing sheets.

The main advantage of using the Galvalume Sheet is that it is corrosion and temperature resistant as well as energy saver in nature.  

Characteristics of Galvalume Roofing Sheet

The sheets have high strength as comprised of premium quality base metal; its paint coating offers longer life and is lightweight, with 50% consist of Aluminium Zinc Alloy. It comes in various colors and finishes.  

These are high tensile steel metal, which is specially treated with the steel and zinc for superior finished touch as per the industrial requirement.

Tips to Install the Roofing Sheets

  1. Arrange the additional equipment required in installation, such as truss, angles, tubes, channels, which are zinc coated. Customize all the required material on the ground and make them ready. The roofing sheet must also be cut on the ground so that it doesn’t get damaged. It’s good to use the silicon rubber (neutral cure) as a sealed object.
  2. While installation keeps your body weight on both sides of the sheet evenly, it avoids the weight concentration. After installation, fix and remove the coated sheet as if it is not removed, it may cause moisture condensation. Because of natural climatic conditions, the paint may go off and degrade. The components must be compatible with roofing walling and accessory material and defects. 
  3. Avoid making contact with cement directly as it may lead to corrosion because it contains lime. The installation system must be fast and secured to avoid damage, and guard film should be removed after the installation is done.   
  4. For cutting the left thin metals, power saw is used, which results in a less resultant blur and few hot metal particles. To clear the roofing sheet after installation, use a mild detergent in clean water and soft cloth or mop and wipe all the dust off. 
  5. Removes the excess scraps of metal, left particles after drilling to avoid rust and stains from the roof. The rust may discolor and make the surface appearance look dull. If you find some dust or small stones or granite, high water pressure may wipe it off. 

Aditya Profile is a leading manufacturer of the Galvalume Roofing Sheet. The products are used highly in the metro stations like places and are 100% premium quality material.

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