Top differences between Galvalume and Galvanized Corrugated Roofing Sheets

Are you looking for a perfect metal roofing sheet? The most used are Galvalume and Galvanized, here are a few top differences listed that will help you to make an ideal choice according to your usage and budget.

Originated: Galvalume® is a trademark name invented in 1972 by Bethlehem Steel. It is used to describe a metal roofing product. ‘Galvanization’ used to protect from electric shocks in the 19th century. 
It was invented in 1836, and the process of coating steel by dipping it in molten zinc after first cleaning it was used. 

Definition: Galvalume is a roofing sheet that has a coating of zinc, silicon, and aluminum. All these coatings protect the metal and are the primary form of the steel made of oxidation. 

It protects the base metal and sacrificial metal coating.

Galvanizing is widely used for the protection from corrosion and is a popular roofing sheet. It has a thin zinc coat base metal which helps you to protect from the natural surroundings like water, sun, etc.

Its coating protects the base metal.

Composition: It is designed with a combination of zinc, silicon, and aluminum. The composition using these 3 elements in a Galvalume coat is 50% of aluminum, and less than 50% zinc, with a very low amount of silicon. Galvanizing is 100% zinc. It is less enhanced in comparison to the Galvalume ability of protection.  
It has comparatively low performance when exposed to water and also less durable.
It can get rust after a suitable time period and are less aesthetical.
Usage: It is used for outdoor roofing as a metal panel mainly for iron-based protection and is rustproof. 
Galvalume coating lets it stay protected and is a better resistance in nature in comparison to carbon steel.

The composition of aluminum and zinc helps to be protected from the natural calamities.
Since zinc is the composition, it is comparatively more oxidized than steel. 
It has its capacity of resistance when exposed to ice, rain, and snow.

It is also used as a roofing sheet, but because of comparatively low performance, it is used mainly in construction and repair centers. 

It keeps protected from the maintenance and is comparatively less oxidized because it is made of zinc only.  
Because of the single metal composition, it is cost-effective.
It is effectively prevented from corrosion.

Thickness: The thicknesses of the Galvalume are approx 1 mil thick. 
Its manufacturing includes the hot-dip process, and basically, thickness difference depends on the coating.
There is no limit to thickness but only has a practical limit. It must not be more than 10 mils else the cool down may take extra time.
Durability: It is durable for more than a decade, and less likely to rust. 
Galvalume is a more aesthetically pleasing material.

It tends to better performance, mainly when exposed to water or any other liquids which has an oxidation process

Low durability in comparison to the Galvalume. It correlates in a linear fashion.
Advantages :Standard price as it has a durability of more than 10-15 years

It is corrosion resistance and has self-healing properties
Average price and cheaper in comparison to Galvalume

Longevity when exposed to the correct climatic condition


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