Five Advantages of a Standing Seam Roof

Are you looking forward to installing a standing seam roof? Then, reading this article will help, as Aditya Profiles, one of the leading standing seam roof manufacturers in India explains what a standing seam roof is and five advantages that make a standing seam roof a better and prudent choice in the long run.

Standing Seam Roof Project by Aditya Profiles

What is a Standing Seam Roof?

A standing seam roof is a concealed fastener roofing system with vertical or trapezoidal legs, consisting of a flat space in between. It means that the panels are attached to the substrate with the help of concealed fasteners and clips. So, the screws do not penetrate the metal roofing panel.

Earlier, standing seam roofs were popular with commercial structures. However, a few of their characteristics, such as durability, strength, and lightweight, have made them a popular choice among residential structures as well. So, if you are about to install a standing seam roof even for your home, you have made a wise choice!

5 Benefits of Choosing a Standing Seam Roof

From long life and aesthetics to safety, a standing seam roof has several advantages over its conventional counterparts. Here’s how installing a standing seam metal roof proves advantageous in the long run.

  • Longevity

Often, the industry terms a standing seam roof as a lifetime roof. The life of these roofs can range between 20 years and 40 years. Although installing a standing seam roof demands a considerable investment, it is a one-time sustainable investment. So, in a way, and perhaps, you invest in a standing seam roof only once in your lifetime. This is one reason standing seam roof is a very popular for all types of roofing.

  • Fire Resistance

Standing seam metal roofs are durable, and at the same time, fire-resistant. They do not spark and ignite into flames during a fire or a lightning strike. As a result, your home is likely to stay safe in external fire incidences.

  • Enhanced Looks and Lightweight

A standing seam metal enhances the overall aesthetic appearance of your home. Although the appearance and consequent looks are subjective, a standing seam roof is considered the best-looking option. It has a neat, clean, and modern design, featuring straight lines. Additionally, since fasteners are concealed, the screw heads remain invisible. Also, the roof is lightweight, and which is why it is preferred by many for roofing.

  • Reduced Maintenance Effort and Cost

In a standing seam roofing system, the fasteners remain concealed, invisible, and therefore not exposed to weather elements such as extreme heat and heavy rains. Besides, you do not have any washers on the screws that demand replacement over a while. Concealed fasteners are the primary reason that contributes to the reduced maintenance of standing seam roofing systems.

  • Increased Thermal Movement

Confining the expansion and contraction required to enable appropriate thermal movement of a metal panel may result in concerns such as fastener withdrawals, oil canning, increased noise, and others. However, in standing seam roofing systems, the panels are not double pinned. The free movement of metal with a clip enables better expansion and contraction in events that involve temperature changes from hot to cold.

Aditya Profiles – The Leading Standing Seam Roof Manufacturer in India

Aditya Profiles is one of the top standing seam roof manufacturers in India. The company manufactures a range of standing seam roofs in various colors, shapes, widths, and materials, including aluminum, steel, copper, metal, and zinc. Additionally, the company offers installation and maintenance services in the most compliant manner. For more information, visit or call the company’s experts at +020-29701900.

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