Decking Sheet Benefits, Applications, Features and Size

Decking sheet constitutes an efficient and durable floor deck alternative, given their ribs, embossment, and capabilities to easily bind with the concrete slab and blend to form a part of the floor structure. Besides, a decking sheet helps you save on many costs, which includes a significant reduction in the concrete quantity.

If you are looking out for a floor deck option, consider reading this blog. It acquaints you with different decking sheet profiles, features, advantages of decking sheets for various applications. Aditya Profiles is one of the best decking sheet manufacturers in India.

Decking Sheet manufactured by Aditya Profiles
Decking Sheet

Decking Sheet Products Available

As one of the leading decking sheet manufacturers in India, Aditya Profiles offers a range of efficient and durable decking sheet products to ensure sustainable and optimized application. Some of them include the following. You can get detailed insights about these products on

RMR 44/130 Deck

  • Complete structural decking system for concrete masonry and steel frame construction
  • Symmetric design gives better aesthetic appeal
  • Multipurpose usage as decking, roofing, & cladding of industrial & commercial buildings
  • Exceptional composite performance

RMR 75/ 200 Deck

  • Sheets can be produce in long length which are suitable for more span and reduces steel work
  • Provides aesthetic look to roof because steel work is less and sheets can be color from one side 
  • Use as liner sheet for Roofing and also can be use with standing seam for composite roofing
  • Reduces steel cost of structure so ultimately provide cost effective solution

RMR 61/ 670 Deck

  • Suitable for larger span
  • Fast Construction, light weight and provides a safe working platform
  • Profile shape reduces concrete usage
  • It has exceptional fire resistance and acoustic property

RMR 52/ 242 Deck

  • Sheet embossments & Ribs provide excellent mechanical interlocking between concrete and steel floor deck
  • Sheets are strong due to Micro Ribs & Wider panes
  • Fast and simple installation gives immediate access to a working platform and forms a positive reinforcement
  • Acts as a bottom line reinforcement so No dependency while Multilayer or Multi-floor construction

RMR 80/ 600 Deck

  • Long span capabilities
  • Larger span capabilities also reduces concrete quantity
  • Suitable for all multi rise construction due to its exceptional spanning capability, column spacing can be maximize
  • Fast installation due to larger span & long length sheets

General Features of Decking Sheets

While every decking sheet has its individual features, here is an overview of the range of the features of the decking sheets available with Aditya Profiles.

MaterialGICC, GLCC, GI, GL
Tensile Strength240 MPA to 350 MPA
Thickness0.60 to 2mm
Coating70 GSM to 550 GSM
Color CoatingSMP, PVDF, RMP, Epoxy, SDP, and HDF
Available ColorsAll RAL Shaded

Advantages of Decking Sheets

Decking sheets offer a lot of operational, strategic, and economic advantages in the long run. Some of them include the following.

  1. The tensile steel for composite slab construction reduces the slab thickness and deadweight of the building, thereby reducing the construction cost significantly.
  2. Using decking sheets expedites the pace of construction.
  3. Decking sheets are suitable for up to a four-meter space. Hence, it reduces the quantity of steel required during construction.
  4. Deck sheets are strong and durable. It does not twist and warp over time.
  5. The sheets offer resilience towards moisture built-up and weather damage.
  6. The sheets work as a composite member and permanent shuttering. Hence, in multilayer/ multi-floor construction, the sheet does not require any external or additional support.
  7. The sheet provides the widest cover per weight of steel and reduces the reinforcement requirement.

Decking Sheet Applications

Some of the applications of decking sheets include thermal power plant, multilayer car shade parking, multi-story residential and commercial buildings such as shopping malls, bridges, platforms, walkways, mezzanines, silos, etc.

Aditya Profiles – The Leading Decking Sheet Manufacturers in India

Aditya Profiles is a leading player across the decking sheet manufacturing space of India. The company manufactures top-quality, strong, and durable decking sheets to serve its purpose and provide a complete investment value. Over the years, the company has delivered several successful projects. It continues to work as the decking sheet partner of a wide range of reputed companies and projects across the country.


A decking sheet is an economical and technically convenient option. If you intend to leverage the benefits of a decking sheet by installing it for a residential or commercial structure, here are critical insights on the benefits, applications, sizes, types, etc., brought to you by Aditya Profiles, the leading decking sheet manufacturers in India.

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