Colored Metal Roofing Sheet – The Right Choice for Your Roof

As metal roofing sheet manufacturers and service providers, often, we come across people asking various questions about colored metal roofing sheets.

Most of them look at durability. But many come with an aesthetic expectation in mind as well. Colored metal roofing sheets, in particular, serve both these needs. They’ve been around for years and proved their worth over conventional roofing. However, it isn’t one but several factors that make them an excellent choice.

Long-Lasting Roofing Option!

Metal roofs serve over four to five decades. In some cases, they’ve been found to serve the owners for about seven decades. So, it is safe to say that if you install colored metal roofing sheets, you might never have to buy a roofing sheet. This longevity is way higher than asphalt roofs that wear out in about a decade.

Enhanced Performance – No Matter Whether Water or Wind!

Weather-related performance is one of the most significant concerns for people living in areas featuring extreme weather conditions. 

Some common questions they ask include will the roof wear out with heavy rains? I live in a windy zone – will my roof sustain winds of up to or over 100 kilometers an hour? The answer to the first question is no. And to the second one, it is yes! Metal roofs are designed to sustain extreme weather conditions.

Did we forget snowfall conditions? Yes. Metal roofs sustain heavy snowfall as well. 

So, no matter the area you live in and its weather conditions, you wouldn’t have to worry about the roofing part.

Besides, metal roofs do not corrode. They do not demand expensive and frequent maintenance either. Nevertheless, we still recommend periodic inspection and maintenance to ensure the roof serves for a long-long time.

What About Fire Resistance?

Metal roofs are safe enough and designed to resist fire. They won’t spark and ignite into flames during lightning or a wildfire breaks out near your home.

Metal Roofs Score High on Energy Consumption!

No. By high, we don’t mean they increase your energy consumption. Instead, metal roofs reduce it significantly. How? Sun’s UV rays and infrared light heat the roof and consequently increase the room’s temperature. But colored metal roofs reflect these rays and keep the room cool, thus lowering energy costs by 15-20 percent!

Metal Roofing Sheets Care for the Environment

Metal roofs comprise up to 90 percent recycled material. Pleasantly surprising, isn’t it? But wait. If you are a genuine environment lover, it might be interesting to know that metal roofing sheets are 100 percent recyclable after their life as a roof. So, their service transcends their existence!

Colored Metal Roofing Sheets Look Wonderful!

Yes. Let’s talk about the aesthetic part now. Leading manufacturers like us offer metal roofing sheets in various colors, shapes, and sizes to fit your visual expectations and structural needs. So, using a colored metal roofing sheet is undoubtedly a prudent choice. The roofs look good and sustain for a long time.

Need colored roofing metal sheets for your office or home? Connect with us. Aditya Profiles has been in the roofing business for years, manufacturing and servicing various types of roofs. Explore our product section and connect with us at +91 20 2970 1900 to discuss your roofing needs with our experienced experts.

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