Benefits of Using a Composite Roofing System

As the name suggests, a composite roofing system combines roofing materials like insulations, vapor barriers, acoustic tissue papers, etc. Thus, it also refers to the fact that composite roofing systems provide many benefits that make them an apt roofing alternative. As one of the leading roofing sheet manufacturers, we suggest a composite roofing system for the following benefits.

5 Advantages of Composite Roofing Systems

Durability, weather resistance, and cost form the basic roofing expectations. However, composite roofing systems transcend these fundamental benefits. They offer many more significant advantages in the long run that gives them an edge over conventional alternatives. Let’s look at each one.

  1. Increased Durability

Replacing a roof isn’t a straightforward, quick, and inexpensive task. It incurs everything like effort, time, and money. Composite roofing sheets provide the combined benefits of the materials they use. They are significantly immune to breaking, chipping, and cracking during transportation. 

They are designed to serve longer than any single material roofing option. In many cases, composite roofing systems last over 40 to 50 years. Although yes, the manufacturing quality also is decisive in determining durability.

Besides, composite roofs are fade-resistant as well. They are more resistant to harmful sun rays and the damage that water, wind, etc., may cause. So, their appearance would remain intact for a longer duration.

2. Weather Resistance

When the weather hits, it is the roof that first confronts it. So, regardless of heavy rains, snowfall, constant heat, wind, etc., your roof takes it all before it probably reaches you. Composite roofing systems play a significant part here. They can withstand winds of approximately 100 miles per hour. 

Additionally, they offer resistance to rain and heat as well. Their high-impact resistant nature makes them a wise choice in areas that receive hailstorms. 

3. Considerable Warranties

Roofs come with default warranties. However, synthetic or composite ones come with a higher and more extensive scope of warranties. Depending on your chosen manufacturer, the warranties may cover standard manufacturer’s warranty, workmanship warranty, and extended manufacturer’s warranty.

4. Fire Resistance

Composite roofing systems are always prepared for fire situations. A synthetic shake roof can help achieve a Class A fire rating. It is ideal for various building projects. Nevertheless, you must remember that the fire ratings may vary with the roofing sheet manufacturers you choose.

5. Thermal conductivity and acoustic property 

Using different materials like insulations, the acoustic paper system withstands heat and noise hence this system is widely used for Airport roofing and factory building where sound and heat generation is larger.

Composite Roofing Systems with Aditya Profiles – The Leading Manufacturers of TPO Roofing in India

Aditya Profiles is one of the leading manufacturers of TPO roofing in India. We manufacture various composite roofing systems that serve the complex roofing needs of our diverse clientele spread throughout the country. 

Our product base includes single-skinned insulated roofing, double-skinned insulated roofing, complex roofing, and TPO insulated roofing. Click here to know more about our composite roofing systems. Call us at 020-29701900 for expert roofing consultation and to discuss your roofing needs.

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