7 Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

A roof that requires replacement shows some obvious signs. You must stay attentive to these signs to replace the roof in time. Let’s look at seven apparent signs that point towards a roof replacement.

7 Indications of Roof Replacement

My roof isn’t leaking. So, why replace it? it is pretty obvious of you to think this way because most of them think leaks are the only event when your roof needs a replacement. But leakages aren’t the sole sign indication. You should be mindful of other factors that signify the need to replace roofs.

  1. Shingle Damage

A decaying shingle is an indication of roof replacement. Besides, if you see areas with missing shingles or places with cracking, curling, or out-of-place shingles, you must replace your roof. Also, look for pieces and particles of shingles in the gutter. You cannot live under the same roof if you find them being washed there.

2. The Roof is Old Enough

The durability of a roof varies with the material used. For instance, asphalt shingles last for about 20-40 years, and metal ones serve for about 40-70 years. Based on the roof type, if your roof has already completed its lifespan, stretching it beyond its lifespan doesn’t make sense. Change it before the roof suffers an impact that damages the structure underneath it.

3. Saggy or Droopy Spots or corrosion

Saggy or droopy spots indicate a weakened roof and signify roof replacement. Check if the roof feels spongy or bouncy while walking on it. If it does, do not continue with it. Call a roofing expert and install a new one.

4. Daylight is Entering inside the building 

Another significant area where you need to check the roof for damage is the attic. Daylight entering through the roof boards is an indication of roof damage. Additionally, look for any moisture signs. Finding water stains on the roof boards or moisture in the insulation are signs of a leaking roof.

5. Ever-Increasing Energy Costs

You may think, think and think about why your energy costs are increasing by the month! But look up, and you might find the answer.

Roofs insulate and protect. An efficient roof helps maintain the home’s temperature. But an inefficient roof would compel the HVAC system to work more to maintain a comfortable temperature within the house. It could signify that your roof isn’t serving one of its primary purposes. So, replace it! 

6. Leaking Roofs

Leaks are usually observed in the house’s attic. Factors like heavy rains and snowfall can lead to leaks. Regardless of the leak’s size, you must repair it through experts. Exposed nails on the roof’s exterior also signify cracks or leaks. If not repaired promptly, leaks can damage other parts of the home and its foundation. Additionally, water can rot the roof and allow mold to blossom. 

7. Interior and Exterior Discoloration

Look for dark streaks or stains on the roof’s underside down to the walls from the home’s interiors. They indicate moisture buildup. Besides, check for discoloration from the home’s exterior. Of course, streak and discoloration do not indicate a total roof replacement. Connect with experts to know how deep the problem is and whether your roof needs a replacement.

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