Accessories (Flashings)

To prevent water penetration into structure from joints or as use as a water resistant barrier system. Flashings are intended to decrease water penetration at locations such as Chimneys, Vent pipes, walls, Windows and door openings to make buildings more durable.

Flashing are named according to its location or shapes like Ridges, Gable end flashing, Eves flashing, Gutter flashing, Corner flashing, Apron flashing, Wall flashing, Cap flashing etc.

We are having separate in-house manufacturing facility for various types of flashings also we provide facility for manufacturing flashings at site by considering its sizes and requirements to fulfill project requirements.

Ridges Flashing
Corner Flashing
barge board flashing
Apron Flashing
Gutter Flashing
Wall Flashing
North Light Curve
Cladding Bottom Flashing
Eves Flashing
Expansion Joint in two piece
S Type Louvers
EAVES Gutters
VALLEY Gutters
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