Snap Lock Standing Seam


Crest Height 35mm
Width 400mm
Thickness 0.40MM to 0.85mm
0.65 MM to 1.20 MM
Shape SStraight, Convex Curved, Concave Curved, Concave Convex Curved, Tapered
  • Superior Locking: Due to special design of halter and cap, it holds sheets very tightly which withstand to wind uplift, creates Leak proof panels and improves water drainage efficiency so it is one of the strongest Roofing System.
  • Aesthetic superior: These are special design sheets which give attractive look and better strength because of its design and fixing techniques.
  • Screw less Roofing systems: Halter clips and caps are used which gives high strength to sheets and does not required punches, presses for fixing Eliminates side overlaps: Due to use of halter clips for fixing sheets.
  • On Site Manufacturing: Can be manufactured in different shapes, sizes & with no overlap.
  • Special fixing technique: Snap on standing seam allows quick installation of a metal roof by snapping one panel into a receiving lock of the previous panel.
  • Easy and fast installation.
  • Snap-on system eliminates the need for mechanical seaming
  • Accommodates very long panels while maintaining free expansion and contraction capability.