DECK 75/200


Crest Height 75mm
Pitch Distance 200 mm
Profile Width 630 mm
Thickness 0.60mm to 2 mm
Material GI, GICC, GL & GLCC


  • Theses sheets can be produce in long length which are suitable for more span and reduces steel work
  • Provides aesthetic look to roof because steel work is less and sheets can be colour from one side i.e. form visible side/Bottom side
  • Use as liner sheet for Roofing and also can be use with standing seam for composite roofing.
  • It reduces steel cost of structure so ultimately provide cost effective solution
  • This fast and simple installation gives immediate access to a working platform and forms a positive reinforcement
  • One of the most economical structural decking when concrete hardens it acts as a bottom line reinforcement
  • It provides widest cover per weight of steel and minimizes the requirement of reinforcement
  • Speedy Construction enables fast completion of project