DECK 52/242


Crest Height 52mm
Pitch Distance 242 mm
Profile Width 975 mm
Thickness 0.60mm to 2 mm
Material GI, GICC, GL & GLCC


  • Sheet embossments & Ribs provide excellent mechanical interlocking between concrete and steel floor deck
  • Sheets are strong due to Micro Ribs & Wider panes
  • Sheets can be manufacture ON SITE in any length which minimizes Overlaps, reduces cost & gives better control
  • This fast and simple installation gives immediate access to a working platform and forms a positive reinforcement
  • One of the most economical structural decking when concrete hardens it acts as a bottom line reinforcement so No dependency while Multilayer or Multi-floor construction
  • Tensile steel for composite slab construction that cuts down on slab thickness and dead weight of building and thus reduces the cost
  • One side coloring to sheet is possible Due to concrete slab on one side of decking sheet which provide aesthetic look from visible/ Bottom side.